Dumpster Mystery Record Bundles

$25.00 - $200.00


In the last week of May, Welcome Back Records was blessed by the presence of a humble dumpster, green in hue, whose past was filled with discarded waste too terrible to behold.

On this great day, she arrived at our door filled to the very brim with delights awesome in scope, great in number, to the delight of all that made witness.

Inside our blessed Dumpster, praise be her unpronounceable and glorious name, were THOUSANDS of records, many of which were only rumored to exist in any significant quantity, across so many genres.

It has been nothing short of amazing.

To commemorate this blessed event, we have taken upon ourselves to curate this holy sacrament to the masses, in fulfillment of scripture.

Each Mystery box will be hand curated by the staff of Welcome Back Records, and overseen by the humble Guardian of the Holy Dumpster Morrison Agen.

While we cannot take specific requests for items included in the mystery box, we do welcome instruction like:

“Hi. I’m very excited about my mystery box. Jazz causes an Eczema flare up in me, so kindly, refrain from including any Jazz in my selections.”


Orders that include the discounted T Shirt will ship when our T shirts arrive. If you wish to have your mystery box shipped immediately and then have the shirt ship when it arrives, please place a separate order for the T shirts. The T shirt add on is for the Gildan variety. If you wish to have the Comfort colors variety, please place that as a separate order.

Orders for the Super Mega Box ($200) are the exception to this, with the box shipping right away and the T shirt leaving as soon as they arrive to us. All Super Mega Box Tee shirts are the Gildan 5000 tees, made of the holiest cloth.

Each mystery box will also receive a commemorative sticker and a certificate of authenticity.

None are worthy
All are welcome

Praise be to the Dumpster, blessed be her name.

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