BOAT SHOW - Nautical By Nature (Seaglass color Vinyl)


Boat Show is a six piece rock band with a punk ethos and a folk influence that spans the globe. Boat Show came from the ashes of a dozen other bands and rose up like a drunken, angry phoenix spewing out hits to those lucky enough to live close enough to The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, IN. This album spans almost every genre of folk and just about every song is done in a different style. Tom McSod’s (ex Staggerers) songwriting excels here and his carnivalesque bark is accompanied perfectly by some of the best musicians Fort Wayne has to offer.

The Black Company
I'll Love You 'Til I Don't
Almost Home
Dead All Along
Falling Stones
One Less Sword

Tom McSod - lead vox, guitar, mandolin on "Almost Home"
Jon Ross - lead guitar, vox
Eric Ehlers - bass, vox
Felix Moxter - viola
Elizabeth-Marie Helms - banjo, accordion, mandolin, guitar on "Brooks" and "Falling Stones"
David Trevino - drums

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