CHARDONNAY - Do You Have Maximim Intuition? Cassette


There is so much to say about this absolute gem of an album that I'm nearly at a loss for words.

Imagine if Bob Nanna (Braid) joined Fugazi for one last romp through Inner Ear, with J Robbins at the helm. That was the first impression that I got when I first heard Do You Have Maximum Intuition in my store. Heartbreaking and brilliant, this album is packed with banger after banger, and it only gets better with repeated listens.

The mastermind behind Chardonnay is Caspian, a NOLA transplant originally from Southern California, and he was previously the driving force behind Blackbird Raum and Scissorbills. Don't let those connections fool you though… there's far more Drive Like Jehu and Heroin influence in here than any folk punk references you could dream up.

This is, quite literally, a perfect record. Pick it up while you can.

A1 No Action 4:04
A2 The Doors 2:29
A3 Book Cyst 2:30
A4 Nest Of Vipers 2:52
A5 Pissing Into Water 1:32
A6 One Red Rose 4:49

B1 VCRTV 2:38
B2 Harsh L 2:16
B3 Right To Survival 3:15
B4 Lovin 3:34
B5 Against The Backflow 4:21

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